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Production quantity per day: approximately 2500 pieces

For you and all other persons!

  • On sale!

    Protect yourself and your customers when selling at the cash register or when issuing goods!

  • In private!

    Protect yourself during a conversation or while shopping!

  • In a meeting!

    Speak freely without distributing droplets or being directly exposed to some from other ones!


Here you will find the price scale of our protective masks. The prices are automatically adjusted in the order form.

All prices are in Euro!


3 pieces consist of:
• Protective mask
• Rubber band
• Size: Uni

11,90 €


Starting from 6 pieces:
• Protective mask
• Rubber band
• Size: Uni

9,40 €


Starting from 51 pieces
• Protective mask
• Rubber band
• Size: Uni

8,90 €

Graduated prices

All prices



Shipment EU

from 3 - 5 pieces



from 6 - 25 pieces



from 26 - 50 pieces



from 51 - 250 pieces



from 251 - 500 pieces



from 501 - 1000 pieces



from 1001 pieces



Further information!


Very light protective mask, good wearing comfort
Height: appr. 23 cm
Width: appr. 25 cm

Width with flap: appr. 37 cm

Protective visor - Eye preservation

Our face visor reduces our habit of unconsciously
touching into the eye!

At work

Application for doctors, laboratories, companies,
restaurants, at shopping and everywhere you can
come into touch with colleagues or customers.

Note: Even with a face mask, always
keep the legal minimum distance of 1.50 m - 2 m.

Facial visor - protective mask for the mouth, the nose and the eyes

    • Save yourself from corona viruses!
    • Secure yourself from corona viuses!
    • Use a face mask at home, at work and whenever you come in touch with other persons!
    • Protect your mouth, your nose and the eyes efficiently!

Our recommendation: Wash your hands after taking off your protective mask!

Buy a face visor to ward off infections!

Mundschutz- Augenschutz (Gesichtsvisier)

In order to protect themselves from infection with the highly contagious corona virus, some people now use a face shield in their everyday life. Our protective visors, which you can buy for your own protection or for your relatives or employees, are "made in Germany". The transparent face shield covers the entire field of vision and can therefore be used as a shield against infections that are transmitted via the emission of droplets when coughing, sneezing or speaking. As a protective mechanism, the face shield helps to protect, especially the eyes, that are sensitive to this transmission path. For example, if the corona virus enters the lungs through the eyes, nose or the mouth, it can lead to infection and hence to the outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19. Buy your reusable face shield now and declare war on the viruses!

This is how our visor for the face protection is composed

The elements of the face mask, which you can buy here from a german manufacturer, consist of a plastic visor, a padded forehead section and an elastic band for easy fixation on your head. The rubber band is used for reliable fastening of the face visor to the head, the spacer is placed on the forehead and guarantees the ideal positioning of the face shield. In order to offer high comfort, even when worn for longer periods of time, the protective mask is provided with a very high-quality padding. The face visor which you can buy from us is reduced to its necessary parts and therefore very light. This makes it possible to wear it permanently - and thus provides a certain degree of protection against the transmission of viruses whenever you are in the company of other people.

Our face shield has many functions or product features:

1. reduction of the risk of infection via droplets
2. optimal ventilation
3. easy attachement to the head
4. insert for different head circumferences

Why is a face shield against virus infections recommended?

Protect your mouth, your nose and the eyes efficiently!

Covid-19, the lung disease caused by corona-viruses, is mainly passed on to each other via the so-called droplet infection. It therefore makes sense to protect ourselves from the often imperceptible droplets, that people with Covid-19 disease expel, when coughing, sneezing or speaking. As a transparent, but for the viruses in the droplets insurmountable hurdle, there is our face shield, which you can buy from us!

The use of the face protection offered by us against the dangers of droplet infections is simple. Align the spacer on the forehead and pull the elastic band over the head - then the protective visor fits securely.

A few proposals for the use of a face mask!

mundschutz gesichtsvisier desinfektionsmittel

In order to protect themselves from infections with corona viruses or other carriers, some people wear their face visors permanently. For this reason, it is important that the facial visors are comfortable and that they can fulfil their protective functions at all times. As a carrier, the face mask must be cleaned frequently. Our recommendation: Especially in the cold season, people should wash their hands more often with soap and if necessary, have a disinfectant spray with them as well. If you had direct contact with other people wearing your face visor, you should clean the visor thoroughly afterwards. While you are not at home, the use of a disinfectant alone will help. At home it is recommended to clean the face shield with soap again.

The face visor, which you can buy from us, can easily be worn over glasses. As the spacer on the forehead is sufficiently wide, the face shield does not connect to the glasses or the tip of the nose.

Quality feature: Face visor 'made in Germany'!

The protective visor against infections was developed and produced by us in Germany. We cut the light plastic face visor with our powerful CNC machine. The design ensures an ideal fit of the face visor. Not only is the production placed in Germany, we also have the suppliers for the plastic of the face shield, the spacers as well as the rubber bands for fastening of the mask to the head, in the immediate vicinity of our company.

Combine face protection with a face mask!

Mundschutz mit Gesichtsvisier am Arbeitsplatz

In order to protect yourself in the best way against infection with corona viruses or other viruses, the protective visor can be worn together with a mouthguard. Since the face visor, which you can order from us, is generously cut, you can easily wear a breathing mask under it. In this way, the face can be protected from contact with viruses that are emitted with the air we breathe. The face mask is available in different protection classes - you have to take this into account if you want to protect yourself effectively.

Modern respiratory masks are divided into different protection classes. The classification into protection classes ranges from FFP1 to FFP3. FFP is an abbreviation for "Filtering Face Piece", which means "face filter". The number of the FFP protection class indicates how pronounced the filtering effect of the protective mask is. Masks with FFP3 guarantee the strongest filtering effect, which is why they are recommended by manufacturers as protection against viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and other pathogens in the air. FFP3 class respirators are usually available from specialist suppliers and can be found on the usual websites such as Amazon.

If you want to buy protective masks with the FFP3 protection class, you have to attach importance to individual adjustment options in order to be able to adapt the mouthguard to your own face contours in the best possible way. One advantage is that adjustable respiratory masks with FFP3 protection factor provide the best possible seal. Mouth protection of this type is not only used against the risk of infection with diseases such as Covid-19, but is also used as a dust mask in industry or craft enterprises.

Restrictions: The face visor cannot be used for this purposes!

Mouth - nose - eye protection

The face visor, which you can buy from us, is designed as a protective mechanism against diseases transmitted via droplet infection. What this face shield is explicitly not produced for, however, is its use as protection in handicraft activities and as a visor in laboratories. Special protective visors are required for all these activities. In laboratories, the face shield is normally completely surrounding and sealing the face and is therefore equipped with breathing filters. On the other hand, protective visors manufactured especially for tasks such as welding must have an enormous breaking strength or a certain amount of heat protection. However, this also makes them noticeably more unwieldy than our face visors.

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